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Ultra Pure Hydrogen Peroxide

Ultra Pure Ammonium Hydroxide


MGC Pure Chemicals America, Inc. (MPCA)'s primary business is the manufacturing of Ultra-Pure Hydrogen Peroxide and Ultra-Pure Ammonium Hydroxide used in the cleaning of silicon wafers and related semiconductor devices in the U.S.

In addition, we also offer custom blends of Chemicals Strippers to our customers.

Hydrogen Peroxide poses a low environmental load, and has many uses as bleach, disinfectant, oxidizer, cleaner, and metal polish. By developing products that meet customers' needs over the last 35 years, MGC has become the leader in semiconductor grade chemicals, primarily Ultra-Pure Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonium Hydroxide for use in the Semiconductor Industry.

In response to customer demands, and as a demonstration of our continuing commitment, MPCA continues to develop and produce the highest available purity of Ultra-Pure Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonium Hydroxide to our valued customers. MPCA utilizes its proprietary manufacturing control system (DCS) along with the strictest quality control to provide Ultra-Pure Hydrogen Peroxide: ELM®-A and UELM®-A series.

Extreme purity is imperative to our customers and is endured through the joint development efforts of MPCA and MGC. MPCA offers the most advanced technology and PPT level purity in the distribution of process chemical products to the U.S. semiconductor industry. MPCA is certified under ISO 9001 to provide products coupled with exceptional service.