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Ultra Pure Hydrogen Peroxide

Ultra Pure Ammonium Hydroxide

Products - Hydrogen Peroxide

MPCA manufactures the highest purity stabilizer-free Hydrogen Peroxide in the world with strict focus on sub-PPT metal levels and leading edge 0.05 µm particle control.

We package in ultrapure isotainers, drums, totes, and other containers sizes to fit our customer's needs.

MGC's first commercial production of Hydrogen Peroxide started in 1933, and we have maintained our current status as the number one Hydrogen Peroxide manufacturer in the world.

From the infancy of the semiconductor industry, MGC has invested years of intensive research and development aimed at the improvement of quality and highest industry purity to create our current product of ultra-pure Hydrogen Peroxide for use in the semiconductor industry.

Today our Hydrogen Peroxide product is widely used all over the world. Semiconductor applications include, cleaning agents, etchants, and polishing agents for the wafer-preparation process. In addition, our product is also used in photo resistance inhibitor and etchant for device-fabrication processes.


MPCA Hydrogen Peroxide Safety Data Sheet